Two Young Spirit Cows Searching For Lost Souls

Two Young Spirit Cows Searching For Lost Souls

Two Spirit Cows Searching For Lost Souls

Pencil, ink, sharpie, Photoshop, iPhone image filter apps. © January 2017, Seamus Anthony.

When the young Spirit Cows reach the earthly plane, they diligently begin their search for one lost soul each to help. Here we can see two Spirit Cows searching in the bushes outside of The Heide Museum of Modern Art, in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. They have been attracted to the site by the lingering cosmic pain-bodies of those long since passed. When these Spirit Cows do each stumble across a human in need of existential comfort, they will bond with their new friend, helping them as much as they are able. It all depends on to what extent their chosen human will allow them to grow close, that they may be of use.

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